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I am proud to say that I have accomplished the amazing feat of creating a full-size b0at in #avonchat. Not many, if any at all, have done such a thing. I'm so very proud of myself.

Mo	|>
Mo	|
Mo	|\
Mo	| \
Mo	|  \
Mo	|   \
Mo	|    \
Mo	|     \
Mo	|      \
Mo	|       \
Mo	|        \
Mo	|         \
Mo	___________
Mo	\_________/
Mo	~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Mo	~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Mo	hehehehehe
Mo	b0at
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Novachat meetup FanFic.

The novachat meetup finally arrived. Phil and Ana were coming on a jetplane from T Dawt, and the rest were going stag. Coral was the first to arrive at Shaheen's house. Shaheen was wearing a mask that oddly resembled parabolas. Coral was kind of shocked that Shaheen didn't reveal her mysterious face. Ooh well she thought as Shaheen's mom quickly shoved her in the cellar. What is going on Coral thought ooh well, she just she'd go use the shower while she was locked in the cellar. /nick Coral_showar

It was a long wait at the baggage checkout Caroline thought. She had just arrived at Kennedy Airport, and was waiting for her next plane to Austin. She was nervous, but she knew that Shaheen and her grandma would be at the airport to pick her up. Or would they???

Sara was just arriving in what she thought was Shaheen's neighborhood. She then got pulled over by a ghostly iraqi. She stopped and was amazed at who she saw. It was Allahia Hussein, Saddam's fourth cousin!

Part 2 is underway!
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Shaheen: http://www.realistical.com/images/shaheen.JPG
Mo: hahah
Mo: wow shaheen you're beautiful
Shaheen: i know, eh?
Mo: so curvaceous
Mo: and symmetric
Shaheen: how old do i look?
Toni|food: you look (2,8) !
Mo: you must be young if your arms still stretch to infinity
Shaheen: haha, toni
Mo: the way you lie on that y-axis... it's poetic.
Shaheen: haha
Mo: haha toni, that's the only funny thing you've ever said.

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(01:13:52) allah: that she was a man?
(01:14:20) Shaheen: "Today ONLINE, she said she helped me re-arrange my whole report book! FUCK OFF BITCH! I don't need you to re-arrange my report book!" - at least be appreciative. then tell her to fuck off.

You guys are mean :( /ignore you all
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janelle: like my uncle defended himself against my aunt, who attacked him with a pitchfork
janelle: and the town shunned him

Mo: you make him sound like he was amish
Rachael: are they amish?